What We Do


What We Do

Catastrophic Injury

If you have been seriously injured in a car, bike, airplane, pedestrian, boating, or motorcycle crash, hurt because of a dangerous condition of property, or otherwise injured because of someone else’s negligence, John Fitzpatrick Vannucci can help you.  These cases make up the majority of his practice and he has successfully litigated hundreds of them—trying many to winning jury verdicts.

insurance BAD FAITH

We buy insurance for peace of mind.  Often, people buy a car, home, business, or other type of insurance policy, faithfully pay their premiums, then get the runaround from their own insurance carrier when they finally have to make a claim on the policy.  The carrier is always there to collect the premiums, but when it comes time to properly investigate and pay out the claim, they often turn into the enemy and take a position adverse to their own insured.  That’s called insurance bad faith—a wrongful denial of benefits due under the policy.  John represents insureds and sues insurance companies that wrongly and greedily put their own profits over the interests of their own insureds.

Products Liability

Have you been injured or otherwise damaged due to a defect in something you bought or used?

Be it a pharmaceutical product, device, or drug that injured you, an automobile characteristic that caused you injury, or any other instance where the product failed to function properly and caused you to suffer injury, you may have a products liability case. John has successfully litigated matters against multi-national drug manufacturers, automobile manufacturers and heavy construction equipment manufacturers. Let him evaluate your product liability issue to see if you have a case.

Criminal and civil defense

Mr. Vannucci fights for justice, decency, and what is right across the board. He has great respect for criminal defense attorneys as well as collegiality with the other side of the civil bar which does civil defense—but he is a Plaintiff’s attorney. However, Mr. Vannucci does have a very limited criminal and civil defense practice. Mr. Vannucci may represent you through jury trial if you are wrongly charged with a crime you did not commit or if you are wrongly being sued or “shaken down” by someone you truly caused no harm to. Both these circumstances do sometimes happen and Mr. Vannucci takes on one or two of these cases each year. Mr. Vannucci feels that the relatively rare unjust civil case erodes the public confidence in the system and does injustice to the majority of righteous plaintiff cases he and other Plaintiff attorneys handle.


  • Catastrophic Injuries (Egregious Medical Malpractice, Aviation crash, Amusement Park/Jump House/Water Slide Park injury)

  • Civil Rights Violations

  • Insurance Bad Faith

  • Personal Injuries: (Auto-Collision, Premise Liability, Assault)

  • Products Liability


Case Results

Review some of the cases John Vannucci has won for past clients.