Since 2004, we’ve worked extremely hard to make a positive difference in the lives of our clients. But don’t simply take our word for it. Here are testimonials from other lawyers who were thoughtful enough to share with us.

Kayla Grant, Esq. Bankruptcy and Estate Planning Attorney

Galanti & Copenhaver

Without a doubt, I always refer clients to John for personal injury related matters.  I have known John for better than 6 years and know his gentlemanly demeanor and easy-going style make it easy for fellow lawyers, opposing counsel and, most importantly, juries to like him.  John is not intimidated by the size of the entity he is suing, or the size of the law firm that is defending the case.  John is a great trial lawyer who knows how to resolve a case, either through settlement or trial. I highly recommend John to anyone who needs a trial attorney in the Northern California region.



John is one of the smartest, most hardworking, capable lawyers I have ever encountered. He has years of experience and has successfully taken many cases through trial. He is straightforward, down-to-earth, gets to the heart of issues quickly, and will not take your case if he does not think he can help you. I have the utmost respect for his skills and personal integrity and would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone who has experienced a significant personal injury.

vanessa w.


John is our family's attorney. We ask him about various legal matters that come up and we have referred him to many of our friends. 

John Fitzpatrick Vannucci is one of the best personal injury lawyers in the Bay Area.  He has practiced law for over 15 years - he has his own practice in downtown San Francisco, and he is extremely knowledgeable, an excellent attorney and an advocate. 

John is an expert in civil matters - especially personal injury and bad faith insurance cases. I've seen him in various court hearings and he is extremely articulate and concise, and he has a great presence about him that every trial attorney wished they possessed. 

My mom has also referred John to many of her clients who have been in unfortunate situations. They have been happy with his communication and how his office kept them up-to-date on their matters and they were extremely satisfied with their results. John's compensation is extremely reasonable, he is tough in negotiation settings and he isn't afraid to take things to trial.